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A beautiful, lightweight web based MySQL client
With a focus on productivity and user interface


Quickly switch to any database, table, row or page. Find data instantly with our intuitive search

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No cluttered pages full of functions you never use. Just giant screens of data

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Build on modern technologies, you will find the fast UI a refreshing change

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Active development

Selectfrom is worked on continuously and updated regularly

300+ commits

Navigate to anything

Instantly navigate to any database, table, column or row.

Use the database, search, or recent tables function to reach any area
Use specific commands to find the data you will regularly look for, like a specific row, grouped by values of a column or a column with a specific value. Examples are: user#24, user.email%gmail, user|type.
Sensible shortcut keys to perform most actions from your keyboard
With fuzzy search you can quickly filter down autocomplete results

Lightweight, fast and minimal

Build on modern technologies, SelectFrom offers a fast, clean and minimal interface. Only the necessary is shown, all else is hidden behind toggles.

View and compare your data

View data in multiple ways and easily compare multiple rows to quickly find what you are looking for.

View data in traditional table layout, single row column layout or sidebar vertical layout
Compare multiple rows and hide duplicate data to show differences
Use the inventory to bundle and view data from different tables in 1 screen

Run and format your queries with autocomplete

Queries can be formatted for easy viewing and autocompletion of tables and columns allows for fast query writing.

Local development

Please note: SelectFrom is meant for local development.
If you want to use SelectFrom on a publicly accessible location, please take appropriate security measurements, see the faq

Supporting features

Full support for Tables
Full support for Views
Support for Indexes
Support for Foreign keys
Import/export of SQL files
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